Photo sharing and image hosting - EchoPic

Glogster Create a poster onine tha links to videos, text, flash, animation,images, etc. Information on using Glogster in the Classroom

Wordle You can use word clouds in your classroom to help students learn. Wordle is an easy way to uncorporating language skills with technology. The following website shows a variety if ways to incorporate this technogy in your classroom. 38 Interesting Ways to Use Wordle In The Classroom
Lunapic Photo Editing

Big Hube Lab create a variety of things you can use to support learning in your classroom.

Make Beliefs Comix Create your own comic strips. You can choose different languages.

Blabberize Excite yor classroom by making any image talk to your students.

SharetabsTurns a list of links into a single link to them all, conveniently displayed in tabs.

Phone i.o has rich phone functionality. simply hit the 'drop it' button to setup a free conference call line (not recorded) and a voicemail line (recorded). use them as you please. you can even have your voicemail automatically forwarded to email addresses, twitter accounts, itunes (for podcasting), or your blog.

Video Hosting Sites

Create you own videos site for you classroom or school. Host student projects or your own lecture online.

Fliggo Free video hosting site. Upload videos or get them from a specific URL. I use this at my school so that teachers can access and share videos with others in the school. Our site is private and password protected. Example:

TeachertubeCreate you own teachertube like site using the new mysite from teacher tube. Host audio video and so much more on your site. Teacher to cost $99 dollars per year for access for 20 teachers.

Blogging and Wikis

A great blogging website for teachers to use professionally.

Wetpaint allows you to create a blogs or website, with your own url and site name. Its very easy to use. Great for classroom or professional use.

This is a great site for creating wikis in your classroom. Use the wikispace to hold class discussions online about various topics in your classroom.

PBwiki hosts more

Photo sharing and image hosting - EchoPic
classroom wikis than anyone else in the world, and lets you create a simple, secure wiki in about 60 seconds. Wikis drive engagement and collaboration. A wiki is a live, evolving document – but gives you user tracking and access controls to monitor your wiki at all times.

You can make your wiki public or private or anywhere in between. No matter what, PBwiki keeps your students’ information safe. See what other educators say about PBwiki.


Learning in Hand
This website is dedicated to assisting educators in developing podcats for their classrooms. You can find, subscribe, listen and create your own on this site. A must see for all educators!
FREE!Podcasting Booklet for Teachers and students by Tony Vinvent

Our City Podcast
Our City Podcast is a podcast for kids and by kids. Learn how to participate!

This is a free podcasting site. Easy to create podcast. You can even call in your podcast through the telephone.

Slide Shows/Presentation Tools

If your looking to use presentation software other than PowerPoint to enhance your lessons and school projects, try out a few of the tools below.

JING Jing is a free software that ads visuals to your online conversations.

Slide This easy presentation tool allows to add pictures text, backgrounds and music to create dynmanic presentations.

This cool tool allows you to create free screencasts,tutorials and reviews in just a few clicks. Teachers can share and embed them on their jottit.

Powerpoint type online slide techniques! Import your existing powerpoints

Slidelive allows you to share your powerpoint presentations with other for free. Easy sign-up! An easy share student slides with their parents.

Picture & Text Editing

If you can't afford to Photoshop your images, try these easy free sites for editing your pictures.


Cool Text: Logo and Graphics Generator

Concept Mapping Tools

A online concept maspping tool created by the makers of Inspiration Your students can now brainstorm at home.

Animation Tools



File Hosting Sites

Allows you to store up to 5GB of files, video, music, photos. You can even upload entire folders at once. And It's FREE.

Free Image Hosting

XS.TO A great site for hosting pictures. Just upload and grab the html to place in your wiki, website or blog. Its free and so easy to use.

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