How to create a Photo sharing and image hosting - EchoPic

Jottit is a tool that lets you create your own wiki, website, blog or whatever you can imagine. The site can be password protected.

• This allows teachers to have a classroom wiki that is only accessible to students who have the password and students do not need an email address to sign-up, the process is rather simple.

Visit Jottit

Step 1 Type your name and click create site.

Step 2 Claim your site by entering a password in thePick a Password box in the upper right corner. You have now claimed your page.Keep your site public.

Step 3 Click settings to create a title, subtitle and change the address.

Step 4 Change the address by clicking Give your site an address. Click change address after you've typed in the name. Enter password to confirm.

Step 5 Click Home, then edit at the bottom of the page to change the page. Enter your information in the white box.

• You can set a password for logging into your account, and select the privacy settings for your site.

• Adding content to the site is done through a text box. Write what you’d like, insert some HTML to make things more interesting, and you’re good to go.

• As there’s no good way to insert tables for your site, the layout will be kept rather basic.

• Under the design tab, you can change the color scheme, font size for the header, sub-header, and content of your site.

• Add as many tabs/pages as you’d like, too. <

• Give parents the site and get started.

*Please email me your web jottit web address so that I may link it to the other pages.

Use Jottit to create:

Book Reports


Discussion Boards



Adding Images to Your Jottit Page

*Make sure your pictures are saved to a folder on your laptop of flash drive.

Inserting a Pictures using Html and echopic

  1. Go to
  2. Click browse to upload your saved photo. This turns it into html.
  3. Copy and paste the html into you page.

Upload, Creating Animation and Resizing Pictures using Lunapic


Step One: Open Click browse and select a picture. Click Upload Now.

Step Two: Crop your picture if needed.

Step Three: Select Host

Step Four: Choose one of the four site to host your picture on. I use echopic or XS.TO.

Step Five: Copy the HTML for a Website or Blog

Step Six: Place the html in your jottit page.

Your pictures should show in the Preview box.

*Don’t forget to publish.

Resizing an Image

To resize photos using Lunapic.

  1. Upload Image to Lunapic

  2. Click Edit, then resize image.

  3. Choose one of the sizes listed Or

  4. Move the yellow squares to size it the way you like.


In lunapic, hover over the animations tab and select which animation to use on your Pictue

Use cool text to turn text into a picture.


  1. Choose your style
  2. Type your text
  3. Change the color, text, six
  4. Click Render logo
  5. Click download logo and save to your images folder.
  6. Upload the picture to Lunapic to animate or change effects.

(To place the text directly on your page select see #7) 8. Select get HTML Code. 9. You will have to create an account. Copy and Paste the HTML Code into your jottit page.

changed June 17, 2009